Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Afraid Not to Try

Should I be more stressed? I mean, I'm moving in a week. A WEEK! As of now, I have not packed. My apartment is actually in disarray as I work on multiple crafty projects and I always seem to be staying anywhere but home.

I had an interesting offer to return to work for a previous employer this week. I really really liked working at this place and the job offer wasn't so bad either. BUT... but... I'm crazy and I have decided to go ahead with my original plan to be a struggling artist and small business owner.

I used to make a point of always choosing the riskier or seemingly more challenging option but in past years it seems I have been making choices based on a need for security. It's hard to say when this change happened, but I'm putting a stop to it now.

So far, following my dreams has been really exciting, scary, strange, and confusing... and I'm barely getting started.

(via bees knees)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Want One!

A horrible logo for only $5!

Collaborative Consumption

This looks like a good one! Read more about it at swissmiss.

Ready, Set...

Running a business is hard work! It has been made more difficult by the fact that I'm still working my full time job and trying to grow this business to be big enough to support myself by the 17th of September, but... whew.

I'm constantly trying to keep up with customers, update facebook, twitter, find people to work with on websites, photography, advertising, posting on craigslist and other classifieds, getting all of my paperwork and legal stuff in line, reqruiting new customers, and... oh yeah... actually making my product. It's been a hectic few weeks and I bounce between wondering if I'm actually making any progress!

I am so ready to go for this full time!