About Me

Sometimes I wonder, how did I end up back in my hometown? More importantly, how did it happen that I love living here?

While on a major road trip in 2011, I had an epiphany - big cities are overrated.


Vermont Country Store

Aspen, Colorado

I had been living in Seattle and Portland for five years and there was something missing. I wanted a real community. I wanted to spend my time working on creative projects instead of stuck in traffic. I wanted to live somewhere with real character and a place with history. So I moved back to my hometown of Aberdeen, Washington and soon after opened a new business in the next door town of Hoquiam.
I love having space to create and the opportunity to network with other creative people to create new and interesting things. I like just about anything that is considered "out of the box" and I become easily obsessed with ideas and cultural phenomena. I work way too much, but luckily I love what I do.

My plan here, with this blog, is to write occasionally about things I'm interested in... and your guess is as good as mine as to what that might be. Hopefully many new adventures are to come.

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