Monday, September 24, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I feel bad for city people sometimes... sure they get to see cool independent movies first, go to concerts in bars with very particular themes like "unicorns" or "video games," and they can probably find anything they could ever want within a 10 mile radius, but how many of them get to wake up at 11am on a Sunday morning and think, "I think I'll go to the beach to get coffee."

This has become my default thought process on most weekends lately. After lazily laying in bed and trying to find interesting people to follow on twitter for nearly an hour, I find that I have nothing better to do than wander my way toward the coast. I'm quite thankful to live so close.

My friends Nick and Tara own a coffee shop in Westport, Washington and I am also so thankful that this place exists. Otherwise I'd probably end up spending all of my precious days off in some too perfect mega-corporate coffee supplier and I think we can all agree that would be bad news. Tinderbox Coffee Roasters is my kind of place. Nick is completely obsessed with coffee, tea and brewing techniques, as it should be. There are a few stools sitting in front of the coffee bar and I'm sure they were strategically placed there to catch you as you are lured into the mysterious world of coffee talk with Nick. If you have the time, they will fill it with interesting facts and an array of teas and coffees you must see smell for yourself.

This weekend's visit was no different, except Nick and Tara were out of town so I spent some time chatting with my friend Haley, one of their baristas and my somewhat genius life advisor. I sipped my vanilla latte from a giant blue mug and we shared about what we've been up to lately. Really it was more of a bowl with a handle. Makes me feel like I'm in an episode of FRIENDS... of course if that show was placed in the PNW Coast it would be 6 friends who are all artists/crafters yet are still able to live in a beachfront mansion... and it would probably have a pool... because that would make it absolutely absurd. Why can't that be my life? Why am I always so distracted?

I finished up my coffee and made the usual Westport rounds, driving over to the marina and taking the walk along the water and out to the jetty. Fishing is a pretty trendy activity right now, since the Salmon are hanging out in our waters getting ready for their big upstream swim. The docks and water's edge were full of people of all types, waiting for the big catch. I never did see anyone actually catch anything, except for some kids who gathered up a bunch of crabs just to toss them back in the water.

The boats in Westport are so beautiful. Most of them are old and worn, maybe from age or the typical stormy and wet winters they've lived through. It only makes me love them more.

Seeing all of these folks out on this beautiful and sunny fall day, I'm nearly tempted to start a new hobby. Or maybe I'll just leave it to the professionals and pick up my catch of the day from the comfort of the boardwalk.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Things happening lately:

-I chose Gold. If you see a few people around town wearing this ring, just know that they are trustworthy and kind people.

-I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of doing some local yarn bombing. My fascination only grew when I saw this from Seattle quilter Luke Haynes.

-Apparently Grays Harbor is falling apart at the seams... well, not really but there have been at least 3 fires and 3 robberies in the last week and my friend got his bike stolen out of his locked garage. Also, my car wasn't working for a full 48 hours. Bad news all around.

-I'm going to be a judge for a beard competition in Pacific Beach. To all you men who have the amazing capability to grow long/lush/well-kept/soft beards... please join us the weekend of November 2nd for this fundraising event.

-30 Days Of Biking. It's totally B.A.

-I "pre-ordered" an iPhone 5. It may never arrive. I'm not... sure.

-We put in a new 14 foot window bar at Gray's General Store made of a single cut of fir with a live edge. It's freaking amazing. If my business fails, I will be happy knowing that I can put that in my house (somewhere...).

-Finally took a real yoga class tonight after far too long! What is it about yoga that makes me feel so light and happy? Need more yoga.