Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day of Rest

Working from home can often cause me to work all the time: late into the night, on weekends, at times when I'm tired but I just want to finish one... more... thing. So, today, I'm taking the day off. I put away all of my projects last night (around 11pm) and decided I wouldn't look at them for at least one day. It's been a relaxing day so far.

My life hasn't been all work though...

I went up to Seattle to see Miike Snow at the Showbox a couple of weeks ago. Concerts at the Showbox Sodo are usually a good time. I went by myself, which was a little bit weird since I've never done that before, but I enjoyed it. I really had no idea so many people were such big fans. And there seemed to be a lot of "frat boys" which surprised me even more. Nevertheless... it was great.

Emily (my roomie) and I went on a winery tour at Ponzi Winery's new location, which isn't typically open to the public. I love wineries and this one was at a beautiful location and it was a unique experience to get so close to the wine making process. We got to taste a few of their Reserve wines and had lunch with the tour group.

After the wine tour we stopped at this extremely random farm event with a little pumpking patch, a giant inflatable apple and a couple of farm animals. I really want a goat.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Facebook for Small Business

I've been contemplating the endless possibilities of social media as a promotional and community building tool, so this case-study of a South Carolina restaurant, Bistro 17, seemed poignant.

How do you use facebook to promote your business without becoming an annoyance? I've been thinking a lot about that fine line and I'm in the process of developing my full strategy. Mostly, I'm trying to find ways to add value to my products and to the user's experience and of course, building community. It seems Bistro 17 did a really great job of choosing ways to add value to their business and that were targeted specifically towards the crowd they were looking to attract.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Profile Photo

I really like the idea of blowing up a photo... but what seems cute for a 5-year-old might seem more self-absorbed in my case.

(via sfgirlbybay)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


So. Crazy.


Lots going on here! Here's an update...

-Moved down south to the countryside of Vancouver, WA. I'm planning on moving to Portland by spring because I have quickly realized that I'm not a country girl. I love the place and the quiantness of it all, but I'm just so darn far from any form of entertainment. Knitting is only fun for so long.

-I'm busy cutting and sewing with Queen B Quilts and hoping to get my name out here in Portland. It might take some time to build that up and I might need to do some strategizing. The good news is that I should be getting some awesome photos from my recent shoot with Mike Folden Photography and also a new website, coming soon!

-I had a recent sale at a craft fair with my Hey Jude Vintage and Crafts business and I'm looking for more opportunities. I really enjoyed spending the day socializing with the other vendors and showing people what I've got! I'm also looking into becoming a vendor with a Portland vintage shop, so I'll update you soon with that information.

-I got a part-time job working with fix studio in Portland and with their furniture exhibition called Show2010. Please stop by and say hello!

-I'm blogging about music for in Portland. Thus far, I have written one article! I have been a slow starter but I'm hoping to get organized enough to start researching shows and actually attending them as well so I can really dive into the music culture of the area. I am so excited about this, especially discovering new local bands as well as supporting my Seattle favorites when they travel this way.

So, that's me in a nutshell. I feel like things are really taking off and I'm so excited about it. I also really really really love Portland. It's similar to Seattle in many ways, but it's even more down to earth, creative and friendly and that makes me really happy!