Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome Back

I recently had a moment where I recalled the fact that I have a blog and it has been neglected for a while. Then I went to look at my blog and realized it has actually been a full year since I last posted anything.

I know I've been a little busy, but this is unacceptable.

It's not that I don't have anything to write... here's the rundown of things passed:

Sad Days on Main Street

I closed my business that had been open for a little over two years. It's strange to think about all the time, effort, passion, and money that went into making that project go, but for whatever reason it didn't fly. We still run a small online shop and have plans for local pop-ups but it isn't quite the same.

There are many feels about this and I will likely share as we move forward.

Climbing the Volcano

In April, while enjoying a beverage with my tortilla chips on my friend Nikki's deck, she very seriously said the words "you should come" as she told us about her plans to go to Maui in exactly 2 weeks. I laughed it off but then my boyfriend looked up the flight info and after an hour or two of debating the final decision fell on me. I set aside my extreme fears of flying across the ocean only to land on a small volcanic island and said "ok."

After only a mild panic attack and a complimentary bottle of wine (the good stuff) from our friendly Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant, we made it to the island and had a lot of fun. It was my very first tropical experience and my hair grew larger every day in the humidity, just like Monica's hair on that episode of Friends. I also got to see a sea turtle and realized that I am, apparently, the only person in the world who isn't really into snorkeling.

I have too much to say on this place/experience, so I'll save it for later.

Seahawks Win the Superbowl

Or I think that's what happened while I was busy deep frying razor clams in my fancy Seahawks inspired attire (blue dress, green fake frames).

The game they played before the Superbowl happened while on Friendcation with about 10 of the coolest people I know. We rented a cabin in Leavenworth and I got completely enthralled with a very large and complicated wildlife puzzle. The cabin had a bear theme... although my fear of bears is very real, the stuffed ones are pretty fun to hang around on. Nikki and I spent the entire football game meditating for the win on a pile of giant stuffed bears. We also attempted to distract the group with cheeseball throwing. Obvs it worked because the Seahawks won.

What's It Like Being 30?

Merely three days after I turned 30, I was asked "what's it like being 30?" That very same day, I had actually considered my potential answers to such a question and what did I come up with? Nothing really...

I do remember being 22 and being totally surprised when I would encounter someone that much older at a party. I probably even asked someone that question at some point!

I suppose at 30 things ache more and being drunk is a lot less fun (so it doesn't really happen anymore). Being 30 also means I've earned some wisdom and probably make better choices in life and I sometimes get tired and fall asleep at 9:30 pm on a Friday night.