Friday, July 16, 2010


This has been my view for nearly the last two weeks. I sprained my ankle at a wedding in Portland on the 3rd (no, not while jumping for the bouquet) and today was the first day that I found I could stand while putting my right foot flat on the floor. Still can't walk without crutches, which is mildly frustrating.
So, I'm not here to complain, just give an update. After a vacation through southern Oregon spent mostly sitting sideways in the backseat of a car, one leg on a cooler, listening to Radiolab and trying to stay cool in the 100 degree weather I have been on the couch working from my sister's home (I live in a 3rd floor apartment with no elevator).

I have spent more time staring at the tv in these last two weeks than I probably have in the last year and I'm totally caught up on all the reality drama of Bravo and Anthony Bourdain's most recent exploits.
It has been an interesting experience being so dependent on others. Acquiring food is particularly trying at times. If I'm hungry and alone, I basically have to eat standing in the kitchen since I can't carry anything while crutching along. I'm kind of wondering if there is some obvious trick to this stuff that I'm not figuring out. What do people do if they break a leg?!
I'm just thankful it only knocked me out of routine for a few weeks and not a few months.

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