Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Vintage Year

I know I am crazy.

But I'm also crazy for vintage travel trailers and my birthday is coming up so...

What if a bunch of people gave me a couple of bucks and I could buy this little baby!

Let's get real here. This thing costs $2000. I have officially applied to have this project hosted by but that's a bit of a process.

My plan: Buy this trailer and turn it into my craft studio/home if I become homeless for some reason. I would totally remodel the thing, paint it, throw my Queen B Quilts logo up there. It would be amazing.

So, I'm not kidding (please refer yourself here, here, here, andhere. Help me out! You can give me a really great birthday gift and hopefully it will add up to a number that will warrant me buying this cute 1955 Vintage Duggan canned ham. If I don't get at least $1400 from this fundraising effort I will return all of your hard earned money (just make sure your mailing address is correct).

Thanks guys!

Let's See...


  1. Great Blog I am a big fan of small houses too. I found you thru Etsy/FB. I have two comments First, If You set your links to open in a new tab then people won't drift away from your blog. And Second You DEFINITELY should Not look at this blog


  3. Thanks for the tip greg. If I could figure out how to set that up!

    And that tiny cinema is so hilarious!