Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Things happening lately:

-I chose Gold. If you see a few people around town wearing this ring, just know that they are trustworthy and kind people.

-I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of doing some local yarn bombing. My fascination only grew when I saw this from Seattle quilter Luke Haynes.

-Apparently Grays Harbor is falling apart at the seams... well, not really but there have been at least 3 fires and 3 robberies in the last week and my friend got his bike stolen out of his locked garage. Also, my car wasn't working for a full 48 hours. Bad news all around.

-I'm going to be a judge for a beard competition in Pacific Beach. To all you men who have the amazing capability to grow long/lush/well-kept/soft beards... please join us the weekend of November 2nd for this fundraising event.

-30 Days Of Biking. It's totally B.A.

-I "pre-ordered" an iPhone 5. It may never arrive. I'm not... sure.

-We put in a new 14 foot window bar at Gray's General Store made of a single cut of fir with a live edge. It's freaking amazing. If my business fails, I will be happy knowing that I can put that in my house (somewhere...).

-Finally took a real yoga class tonight after far too long! What is it about yoga that makes me feel so light and happy? Need more yoga.

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