Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dry The River at The Tractor Tavern

I went up to Seattle to see a show on Wednesday. It's times like these that I have sudden realizations that I'm starting to get a little older. Driving two hours for a tiny live show and then driving home and working early the next morning? I really had to psych myself up for this one, but it was worth it. I event got to see a few Seattle friends who came out with last minute notice. Love my friends who always make a good effort to hang out. I miss them!

Dry The River on their first U.S. headlining tour. I have to be honest, I have a real issue not understanding the British accent. It's been a life-long problem. I only realized the seriousness of it when I flew British Airlines and couldn't understand the announcements. The anxiety from my fear of flying was enhanced by the fact that I might not understand the emergency instructions announced, should something happen. Anyway, these guys seemed very charming even though I did not know what they were talking about.

The bass player had a habit of rising up on his tippy toes while getting energized by all the the lovely music he was creating. He must wear through a lot of shoes.

They're performance that night ranged from a capella harmonies to full on headbanging/thrashing rock on stage. The best combination of things, I think!

They encore'd with one last song sung a capella from the middle of the crowd. The entire show was great and well worth the trip up to the "big city." The crowd was also pretty fantastic. Approximately 4 guys were there who were obviously drunk (on a Wednesday night?) and therefore made fools of themselves by saying awkwardly loud things during the quietest of moments... nevertheless it was all forgiven because I loved the guy who yelled "2 more *trails off. awkward pause*... 4 more songs!"

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