Monday, November 12, 2012

Who's TED?

I was lucky enough to attend the TEDx Rainier conference in Seattle this past weekend. It was jam packed with 30 talks in a single day! As someone who loves exploring new ideas, I was pretty much enthralled the entire time. If you don't know of TED, please go and watch this this and this right now.

Also, as someone who apparently has terrible short term memory, I forgot a lot of what I heard...but the good news is that it is all online! As much as I'd like to dive deep into my thoughts on these talks, it's a little bit late and I'm still recovering from a weekend of sleeping on an air mattress. Below, I've posted each video along with the times for some of my favorite speakers. I hope you'll watch and enjoy as much as I did!

John Sharife (15:00) : Everything worth climbing is a mountain
Phillip Thurtle (35:59) : Superheros
Danny Dover (01:37:07) : Why are you here? Conquering a bucket list.
Cynthia Lair (01:54:11) : Cooking as meditation and love

Best: The New Old Time Chataqua (00:00:01) : The importance of community
Howard Frumkin (01:22:08) : Urban Planning and Habitats where humans can thrive
Gabriel Teodros (02:13:21) : Radical Science Fiction to envision a better world

Jonah Sachs (01:17:16) : How storytelling shapes our world
Roger Ressmeyer (01:30:24) : Fear and Hope

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