Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day of Rest

Working from home can often cause me to work all the time: late into the night, on weekends, at times when I'm tired but I just want to finish one... more... thing. So, today, I'm taking the day off. I put away all of my projects last night (around 11pm) and decided I wouldn't look at them for at least one day. It's been a relaxing day so far.

My life hasn't been all work though...

I went up to Seattle to see Miike Snow at the Showbox a couple of weeks ago. Concerts at the Showbox Sodo are usually a good time. I went by myself, which was a little bit weird since I've never done that before, but I enjoyed it. I really had no idea so many people were such big fans. And there seemed to be a lot of "frat boys" which surprised me even more. Nevertheless... it was great.

Emily (my roomie) and I went on a winery tour at Ponzi Winery's new location, which isn't typically open to the public. I love wineries and this one was at a beautiful location and it was a unique experience to get so close to the wine making process. We got to taste a few of their Reserve wines and had lunch with the tour group.

After the wine tour we stopped at this extremely random farm event with a little pumpking patch, a giant inflatable apple and a couple of farm animals. I really want a goat.

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