Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Consumerism vs. Creativity

Is consumerism killing creativity?

When I saw a friend post this article on Facebook, I had to immediately read it. Why? Because I have felt for years that consumerism and creativity are at odds with one another.

A major part of why I moved back to my hometown after nearly 10 years of living in bigger cities was because I wanted to be somewhere that had potential. A place that didn't already have everything figured out. In the city, I could get anything I wanted in a reasonable amount of time and whenever I felt bored I would just go to the mall for some retail therapy.* I truly think that this ease of life just made me lazy and greedy.**

Now, I live in a town of 20,000 people (ish) and the only mall is practically empty. We have Walmart, which I do not dare enter for many, many, many reasons. As far as retail therapists go in this town, there are few. And I love it.

I love that going shopping isn't even an option here. I love that the nearest Target is 45 minutes away. I also don't even care. I've realized that I can get by with very few things and that it is much more satisfying to mend a torn piece of clothing than to go out and buy a new one. However, I do still get the thrill of the hunt from my frequent thrifting adventures - though I have even tried to limit my purchases there to things I absolutely cannot live without.

In the mean time, while I haven't been shopping, I have been making so many things and creating so many new projects I can barely keep my head on straight (but seriously, I may need to cut back on the creative projects - it's all about balance, right?).

*I'm not a fan of this phrase.

**sorry for my rant on consumerism. I'm pretty sure I was a buddhist monk in some past life.

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  1. A Buddhist monk wouldn't rant. :-) Hey, I wrote a piece about this a couple years ago... the "aspirational" crafting magazine/article/blog. It's kinda a grouchy piece but maybe you'd like it.