Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's May Already?!

Oh, blogger. You tempt me.

I was going to come here today to write "I'M BACK!" but let's get real... remember, I'm the girl who set a goal to write every day this year and after exactly 31 days I took 2 months off... for shame.

I would love to write here every day, but I know that isn't an achievable goal for me right now. However, I do think an achievable goal is to write here when I feel I have something to share. And I believe in achievable goals. (I also believe in ridiculously unlikely goals, but that's beyond my point)

So, I'M BACK! I never really left.

Since January I have opened a new retail store in downtown Hoquiam, Washington. Joined a number of committees (currently trying to implement an art walk in Hoquiam - easier said than done). I became a member of the Paleo diet movement and failed because I really love ice cream (going to get back on that wagon soon). I started playing synth and singing with a local band. I'm debating selling my car and becoming a full-time bike rider/walker. Consequently, I'm trying to find a way to make the perfect bicycle cape... or I might just buy this one.

I've been trying to grow our blog project, Go Go Grays Harbor, with a fellow local bloggers. I'm trying to find time to start a number of creative side projects. My business Queen B Quilts is incredibly busy. And I really need a day off!

So, I'll be back to talk about some of these things along with all of the random things I'm making and thinking about these days.

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