Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I think I have an addiction to discovering new things but also a weird desire for the mundaneness (not. a. word.) of every day life... or maybe vice versa. Can't quite tell yet.

I love boring stuff: eating scrambled eggs every morning, riding my bike on the exact same route to work and back, washing the dishes every night, filling in my calendar, making Tinderbox Matchbox Roast pour over coffee directly into my mason jar with the bicycle fabric cozy. I have a favorite bowl, a preferred seat at my favorite coffee shop, and a heavy level of commitment to the shows I watch on Hulu and Netflix. I actually wear through my shoes regularly and buy the exact same pair over and over again. My heart does not stray very far from these things. I'm the epitome of a brand loyalist.

However, I don't find these things very inspiring and I often get buried in these every day things that I love. It is so easy for me to fall into the trap of repetitively moving through my life and watching time fly by. I might have the best of intentions to get out and do all of the things I aspire to do (writing, photography, naps in my hammock, traveling) but I sometimes forget to actually do them because I'm caught up in the enjoyment of my cup of coffee. Suddenly, I realize that I've pinned more projects on Pinterest than I've actually accomplished in real life and I think "I've gotta do something!"

So, I'm on the hunt for an adventure.  
I need more discovery in my life.

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