Monday, July 8, 2013

Writer's Block

Today I was thinking about how very little writing I've accomplished over the last week. There were so many potential stories brewing in my mind. I've seen so many strange sights. I drank a basil mojito while playing 4 on 4 badminton until my arms ached. I saw a woman carrying a wooden marionette over her shoulder LIKE A BABY (scariest thing ever). I experienced a nearly city-wide power outage and thanked the lord that I live next door to a hospital that has a generator to light my neighborhood (and charge my cell phone). I went kayaking in South Bend and achieved my second terrible sunburn of the season. I apparently learned nothing from that one song I heard a thousand times in high school. I went to Seattle to see a couple of my best college friends whom I hadn't seen in years. I also saw a rat scurry across the floor of an outdoor bar while I was there. I suppose there are a lot of rats running wild in city restaurants but I'd never actually seen one before. However, I have seen Ratatouille. This rat was not so cute. And it probably can't even cook. I've spent two Saturdays selling cute things at the Seabrook Saturday market. Walked on the beach. Ate far too much Mexican food. Played with fireworks. Even started running again and achieved my fasted ever average pace.

So, is it writer's block, a lack of time or the procrastinator personality of mine that has kept me from writing here in the past two weeks? Yes.

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