Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quick Starts

I always seem to be in a search to define myself through a test or put myself into a category, and judging by the number of personality/temperament tests out there I think most of us are searching for definition too.

Anyway, back down to earth. Inc. has a two parter on Entrepreneur personalities! I got a little bit lost in the first part, since I'm not much of a baseball fan but part two really lays it out nicely.

I didn't take any test, but I know myself well enough to know exactly which category I fit into right away.
“Quick Starts” enjoy initiating new things. They are creative problem solvers and think laterally. Easily bored, Quick Starts tend to begin lots of projects but need help finishing any of them.

I've managed to teach myself to stop starting so many projects, but that desire is always ALWAYS there. As Lewis Carroll wrote in Through the Looking Glass, "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

My challenge is, as always, how do I put this strength to good use? I often think this is a good skill for millionaires who don't mind losing a few bucks on a new business or at least have a few bucks to get something off the ground. How can I find a way (within my means) to put my creativity to work?

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  1. that's you britta. as for how to best use your creativity and your brilliant ideas, you'll find a way.