Friday, October 2, 2009

Left Brain Right Brain

This quarter, I'm taking this class called "Elements of Drawing - a Creative Approach." First of all, taking a drawing class scares me. I've never thought I was a great drawer. There's something so difinitive about a pencil on a piece of paper. Of course, it's erasable but you've got to leave something on the page if you want to call it art (in most circles). And if drawing class doesn't make me nervous already, lets add in Creativity. How can I be a design student and be scared of drawing and creativity? I don't know.

We discussed left and right brain characteristics and how it is important to use both when producing art and drawing. We did some mind-opening excercises in class to explore what it feels like to use either the right or left brain and the conflict that can sometimes pop up between the two when making decisions. We were then told to analyze our day to day life and find out which side of the brain we use when making the choices we do. It's been interesting. Here's my list so far:

Left brain:
-I'm always on time
-I enjoy efficiency
-I follow rules and don't ask a lot of questions
-I like observing

Right brain:
-I look disorganized but I know where everything is
-I read multiple books at once and rarely feel the need to read to the last page
-I hate reading recipes and other instructions
-I remember face and not names

My challenge now is to apply this all to drawing. I'll learn more about that next week but I'm pretty sure all this time I've been trying to use my left brain to draw instead of my right brain.

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