Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Work Hard & Carry a Big Sharpie

Sometimes I think about the fact that I'm in school and actually pursuing something I've always dreamed of and I can hardly believe it's real. After graduating with my BA in Business, I never wanted to go back to school. At that point, school meant math homework and big classrooms of people who weren't really that interested in what they were studying.
Now, design is something I can really get into. Especially when I pair it up with what I've learned in business. And it's quite exciting to be actively chasing after my visions of what my life could be.
AIGA offers some advice to Emerging Designers. 11 tips in total, I found the 5th particularly interesting.

If you know me, you know I dream often and I dream big. I create new businesses in my head - complete with name, location, design, marketing plan and exit strategy. Unfortunately, I haven't acted on these ideas. And I've never figured out what the problem is. But maybe this is it.

Just do it. That's what I take from this. It seems that the best things that have happened to me have almost always happened when I just decided to go for it, without too much thought and time to dwell. It won't necessarily be easy, but as the quote goes (as far as I can remember) "Go out on a limb. That's where the fruit it."

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