Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Competitive Patience

I just had an interesting experience. Basically, I got a job without even trying... at least I thought that until my friend reminded me of the time I'd spent building a relationship with my new employer, and doing so with an intention.

I'd been volunteering on projects for the last five years and so when it came time to hire someone they thought of me. It was quite possibly the easiest job I've ever gotten. No application. No interview.

So, I'm starting to think... maybe patience and hard work really can pay off. And I'm profoundly impressed by this notion of building intentional relationships. It's the purest form of advertising and marketing! It might even be the perfect example of branding (a topic I've come to learn is quite vague and difficult to explain - more on that later).

I'm very excited to have a new position where I can be creative and think a lot about advertising, marketing and design and put my energy toward something I'm passionate about!

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