Monday, November 2, 2009

Crisis = Opportunity

Throughout this recession, I've been blown away by the way some businesses (specifically credit companies) have decided to handle it. Sometimes it seems that they are placing all of the blame on the consumer for not buying enough. They've told us that buying more is the only way to save our economy even when buying more means more personal debt.
In my opinion, it's the business world that needs to change. We, the consumers, have already made our decision to buy less. How will you deal with it now?
John Gerzema gives a great talk on the post-crisis consumer. It's hopeful. He explains that maybe the crisis wasn't such a bad thing, that maybe the only solution isn't to return to our old ways of buying on credit and constantly looking for what is bigger, brighter, shinier, newer, faster.
I keep hearing this mantra across business media: now is the time to build your business. I see the word crisis and think decision or turning point. We have an opportunity to build someting new and great and wholesome. I, for one, am excited!

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