Thursday, January 7, 2010

Google That.

Check out this list of Kids' (under 18) top searches for 2009.
1. YouTube
2. Google
3. Facebook
4. Sex
5. Porn
7. Yahoo
8. MySpace
9. eBay
10. You Tube
11. Wikipedia
12. Michael Jackson
13. Taylor Swift
14. Gmail
15. Party in the USA
16. Miley Cyrus
17. Club Penguin
18. Miniclip
19. Fred
20. Games

My comments could go a few ways. Disturbing? Yes. The data is divided up by age group and even the under 7 crowd has Porn as the 4th most popular search after Youtube, Google and Facebook. Confusing? Yes. I don't know why the search for miniclip, Club Penguin and fred are so popular... anyone? I guess I'll have to Google it.
But my real point of this is: YOUTUBE. If you consider the fact that it's in the list three times, that probably means the intention for youtube is miles ahead of any of the other searches. So, how is this useful? Should we all have our own youtube channels? Should I start talking to my computer screen like this girl?
I have no real answer, but the data here seems more like a mandate. Get on Youtube or perish. At the very least, Google yourself or your business and find out what that situation is like. And then get yourself a Facebook page.


  1. disturbing, yes. fred is that kid who speaks rapidly in a helium-like voice. why he's popular, i'll never know...

  2. SAMA created our non-profit youtube account just yesterday! It allows non-profits to have a lot of the same features that corporate youtube pages have. I also posted an article about Elton John helping Eminem through rehab on our FB page - and got over 100 page views.

    As for the disturbing searches, I would hazard a guess that especially the younger ones are searching from the stance of "I hear this word a lot but I don't know what it means". So- how do we talk to kids about sex and porn in a way that they don't turn to google for basic info and frame their moral conscience based on whatever search results pop up?

  3. "kid who speaks rapidly in a helium-like voice" what?!