Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I always have heard that you should never apologize for being late or making a mistake, just carry on and you'll look better for it. So...

I've haven't had a moment for writing on the blog and I've been thinking so much about what direction I would like to take it now that I'm working in a new position/field and I also have a lot less time for such leisurely activities.

I'm still working that out, but I do know I think about marketing EVERY DAY. It hurts my brain. Especially because now my marketing techniques are being put to the test, run through the ringer and chopped, cropped and chewed up. It's really not that horrible, but it's definately causing me to think harder, not only about marketing but about how marketing fits into this complicated world - and our complicated organizations.

My hope is that I can find ways to provide some insight into my brain and how it's working all of these things out. I will not say sorry for spending time away from the blog, but I certainly hope to give more attention to it in 2010 (twenty - ten, by the way).


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