Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have quite a few pet peeves. For the most part, I don't let them get the best of me, but there's one that I find particularly frustrating: Group Think.
Maybe it's because I go to a lot of meetings and, typically, the people in the meetings are from similar backgrounds and often friends. As soon as I see the first signs of discussions becoming one-sided or conversation hurling toward some sudden quick decision, I like to jump in and play devil's advocate. I start asking "Why?" a lot and asking for more clarification. Basically, I just don't agree with anything.
I often wonder if everyone sees what I'm doing or if they think I'm just being annoying by diverting our train from it's track.
I also often think that it's probably why many of my ideas always win, because I'm the first one to jump in and nobody wants to disrupt the flow.
Well folks, without questions there's no creativity. If there's no disagreement, we're probably not coming up with anything innovative.
I've been reading Seth Godin's book Tribes... it's fascinating. He really knows how to motivate his readers, not because he tells you how to make great changes and improve how you do business... he just tells you to do it. DO IT. You are the only thing keeping you from greatness.
So, my suggestion is to start by actually voicing an opinion during your next meeting. When you hear that voice in your head questioning things - say it out loud.

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