Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hoquiam River Kayak

I went out kayaking with my friend Nikki yesterday. We recently started up a facebook group called The Grays Harbor Canoe and Kayak Club and have planned a group outing for next week. We wanted to check out the timing of our little voyage, so we grabbed the kayaks and got in the water before the rain came (ps - our timing was perfect... while replenishing ourselves with a beer after the paddle, it started pouring rain).

I'm very excited about our club and the potential it holds. Since I returned to the harbor in November, I've heard about so many people who kayak but there isn't any place locally for kayakers to gather or coordinate outings. The most troublesome news is that there isn't a kayak rental spot here. It's a shame because we are completely surrounded by beautiful waterways! If all goes according to "plan," we'll find a way to provide rental kayaks by next summer so start planning your visit!

We put in near the docks you see above. The Hoquiam River is a great location for kayaking: parking is easy, there is a city owned dock to launch from, the 8th Street Ale House is a mere half-block from the dock and the water is pretty quiet. Just be sure to check the tide schedule so you don't get dragged out to sea.

I only got a little bit wet and since I recently dropped my precious iPhone and cracked the screen, I decided to just throw caution to the wind and bring my phone with me so I could take some pictures.

Up the river, there's some cool old industrial pieces that are sticking up out of the water and an old railroad bridge. We joked about turning it into some ultra-hip restaurant or modern house.

Can't wait to get out there again next week!


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