Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lemolo Album Release Show at Columbia City Theater

Dare I say, Lemolo might be my favorite band ever. Honestly, their music is so intense and interesting to listen to. Also, they have fog machines and glitter at their concerts so obviously they are pretty cool.

I went to their Album Release show at The Columbia City Theater on Friday. It was crazy hot and muggy in there.

Kaylee Cole was first up. She did a great cover of Kanye West's Runaway (keep in mind this is just a solo singer and a grand piano). Next up was Lost Lander from Portland - they are so so great and the crowd seemed to be enjoying the tunes.

Lemolo put on a great first headlining show. I find something very intense about their performances and it's amazing how much sound can come out of just two people.

When it came down to the last song of their encore, glitter started falling from above. We quickly realized we were right in the target zone for the glitter dumping. The core group of about 6 people directly under the fan gathered up about 80% of the glitter. I'm still finding pieces in my hair.

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