Monday, July 9, 2012

Sun, Finally.

We finally have been getting some nice weather around here, so I took full advantage of it and ended up with a sunburned shoulder (yes, just one)... but I'm not complaining!

On Friday, I took Milly (the crazy eyed Boston Terrier) out to Westport. She doesn't really love riding in the car - you can tell by her loud/frantic panting and her eyes start to get bloodshot and goobery - but she seemed to be doing ok this time with the 30 minute-ish drive. Maybe it was that we had the windows down and she was too windswept to know what was happening.

We hung out at my favorite coffee shop, Tinderbox Roasters in Westport. Tara told me I have a knack for showing up when they aren't too busy, which is great because she was able to sit outside on the deck and chat for a few minutes. It didn't last long though, the crowds starting coming once again and she had to get back to work.

I spent a good hour or so there, working on a few projects and enjoying the sun... which is where I picked up that sunburn. After I realized my red shoulder, we packed up and headed back inland. I dropped off the dog and hopped on my bike. I hadn't gone on a long ride in a while.

I decided to head out to Bowerman Field in Hoquiam. Once I got past downtown Hoquiam, I rode along the waterfront and over toward the airfield. Unfortunately, I only saw one plane coming in to land as I was riding back toward home, but it was great to walk around the hangars and also down the boardwalk through the Wildlife Refuge.

I wrapped up my weekend on Saturday with band practice in Olympia with the Best F-Tigers Forever and meeting up with my friend Meghan who just got back from Micronesia where she had been volunteering for the last two years! Hard to believe how fast time flies.

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