Friday, July 6, 2012

A True Independence Day

I woke up on the 4th of July and thought "hmmm this is one of those holidays that people make big plans for and I've got nothing... I'll just lay here a while longer." I debated putting on some vintage red white and blue dress I have and wandering around looking desperate for a family BBQ to attend, but instead I decided to go out to Seabrook. What could be more American than spying on the families at this completely brand new beach town that looks like it was carried over by aircraft from the Atlantic Seaside? Plus my friend's band was playing and, though I'm not a country music fan, they are pretty good.

First, I had to pay my respects to Pacific Beach, Washington. I love this town. It's everything that Seabrook doesn't have - an old fashioned country-cozy bakery called Emily's, super close beach access and a place called the Wacky Warehouse which not only carries a random assortment of new and used goods but also a stage that looked ready for a live performance and the town radio station. I listened as a woman rambled out a list of businesses and what they had to offer - all within a block of where we stood.

I grabbed a slice of quiche at Emily's and wandered to the beach and around through the neighborhood. Then hopped back in the car to drive the mile or so over to Seabrook.

Seabrook is probably the Seattle family's version of paradise. It's a complete town with only one road coming into it off the highway. They have bike cruisers to roam around on, a little grocery store with espresso and a fancy restaurant. At this event they also had a photographer out taking pictures that you could purchase, a bounce-house and, as I mentioned before, a country band playing live music.

After listening to a few songs and chatting with my friends in between sets, I drank an orange soda and read my book in the sun. 

I had to head back to town to work the night shift that evening and I was lucky enough to witness a huge fireworks display right outside the window in front of my desk. Overall, it wasn't a bad Independence Day... especially if you knew my history with this holiday.

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